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Damn Interesting

Twofer: Thanks to the Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society weblog, I found a new weblog to follow: Damn Interesting. This group weblog has a nice design as well as posts that are, well, damn interesting. Also… Melinda Casino has … Continue reading

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Mike Arrington at Techcrunch is on a tear again about PayPerPost. Where normally in the past I would have been more sympathetic to Arrington–after all PayPerPost folks don’t typically say a post is sponsored–I am less so nowadays because the … Continue reading

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Fall Pictures

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I find it ironic that one of the most religious states in the union has a city considered to be the country’s most dangerous city. Ironic and sad, because many of our problems in this city are curable if we … Continue reading

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Squid on the Move

Thanks to Doug for the link to this post on Humboldt (Jumbo) squid migrations. The entire weblog is a real find if you’re interested in all things deep blue. The makers of need to create another page for tracking … Continue reading

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It's the Great Pumpkin, Joe Clark

Joe Clark is in a Halloween mood. I rather like it.

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Here's one for the History Buffs

I find the more I study the world today, the more I like history. Here’s one that has me stumped, though. There is another famous Poe other than Edgar Allan, and his name was Aaron Poe. He was known as … Continue reading

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