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Free Will and Religion

The Columbia Missourian has a thoughtful article on how the different religions in Missouri view Amendment 2. It’s timely, for me at least, because I needed to be reminded that religion does not automatically kill brain cells. The St. Louis … Continue reading

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I apologize for all of the changes to all of the sites. When I started back up, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. A lot of the change is because I have ambivalent feelings, at times, about weblogging. … Continue reading

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Process, Not Product, Is the Problem

I was surprised to read TimBL’s announcement of a new HTML working group. I guess I thought that work on HTML was a done thing. I can appreciate Tim Bray’s take on the issue, but I think he indirectly touched … Continue reading

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St. Louis Kicks Butt

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The Mosquito Perspective

Rather than cat Friday, I bring you the mosquito perspective. As regards the ongoing debate between Rocketboom and ZeFrank and their audience numbers, I offer this: Rocketboom: 300,000 downloads per show Ze Frank: 30,000 views per show Sci-Fi Channel’s original … Continue reading

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The last few weeks has seen a flurry of initiatives raised around coming out with a standard set of behaviors and so on that bloggers should follow. Jason Calacanis is up for sainthood with his plan to do a podcast … Continue reading

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Two from the Ajax Experience

I’ve tried to keep up with the presentations from the Ajax Experience conference. If someone knows of a place that pulls together information about most of them, let me know, because there isn’t much at Technorati under the tag: ajaxexperience. … Continue reading

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