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Let's Talk about the Weather

How appropriate that the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on global warming, when we’re wrapped in its effects. The weather today is unlike anything I’ve seen. It started out cool, with ice pellets, sleet, and mild frozen rain. Then it … Continue reading

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Winter Storm

The winter storm didn’t miss us this time. It’s cold, down to your bones, cold. My roommate just called, and he estimated it will be another 3 or more hours on the freeway home. This is just the frozen rain, … Continue reading

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Emptying Camera

Dumping photo disc. The birthday cake my roommate got me last week. Zoë, giving me the ‘eye’. Squirrel nest and today’s first frozen rain.

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Something Wicked this way Comes

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The danger of comments at community sites

The discussion thread just mentioned in the last story is also a good demonstration of what can happen when newspapers and other localized publications open up discussion threads. In particular, the St. Louis Today site, which runs its weblogs using … Continue reading

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Amazon, Best Buy, Sears and 'ware the Season

An update on my recent difficulty with Amazon: I received the product, but the company still showed it as ‘in process’, to be shipped in January. It took four emails and finally a phone call to get this one removed … Continue reading

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Beautiful Photos but less than happy story

I also wanted to post a link to Mike Golby and his beautiful photos of South Africa. Unfortunately, these may be it for a while, as his car was stolen today. Of the event he writes: The snaps I’ve been … Continue reading

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