Let's Talk about the Weather

How appropriate that the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on global warming, when we’re wrapped in its effects. The weather today is unlike anything I’ve seen.

It started out cool, with ice pellets, sleet, and mild frozen rain. Then it got colder, and I expected snow. Ah ha, though. The warm front from the Gulf had other ideas, pushing back into our area, and actually warming it up again. Just enough to keep it hovering at freezing. What does that mean?

Flooding streets, and silver thaw–dangerous build up of frozen rain on trees and power lines. I just looked out the window and the trees are beautiful–exquisite!–silvery, ethereal shapes in the street lights. The more beautiful they become, though, the more likely to break and come down on cars, homes, and power lines.

Now it’s starting to cool, but as I looked out the window, I saw lightning. It’s like a spring/summer storm meeting a winter blizzard, with a January ice storm thrown in for good effect.

The weather will cool overnight, and the water running now will begin to freeze, and snow will fall. Wind will blow just before morning, so drivers will have drifting snow over the iced, downed tree and broken branch laden, partially flood submerged roads. Oh, what the hell–let’s toss in a tornado, just for effect.

But just this moment, the trees are silver in the street lights, the ground covered in crystal, and the water on the roads runs runs like rivers of black velvet. Glorious. I could wish to be that beautiful just before I die.

No, I’ll probably go like the old apple tree in the field–gnarly, leafless, with not even a few wizened fruit hanging from the branches to mark its days of glory. The kind that leads farmers to say to each other:

“Gar, that old apple tree’s finally dead.”


“Picked a lot of fruit from that tree.”


“Make good firewood to smoke the pigs with, though.”


Another flash of lightning. Lightning. Bizarre.

It’s not lightning. It’s transformers blowing out all around us, reflecting in the clouds like lightning. One just went across the street.

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4 Responses to Let's Talk about the Weather

  1. Better turn off your computer then, if it’s not hooked to a heavy-duty surge-protector & UPS.

    Stay safe.

  2. Martin Wisse says:

    Transformers blowing? Any idea why?

  3. Arthur says:

    Transformers blowing? Any idea why?

    Rain, wind and snow. In North America, transformers are exposed to weather circumstances because the wiring is generally done above ground. In Europe wiring and cables are generally done under the ground. Hence we always get our boardgames out whenever a hurricane is heading our way… Quality time! Not so much fun in Winter, I admit.

  4. Shelley says:

    Michael, thanks. I have my important stuff (ie computers) hooked up to heavy duty power surge protected strips.

    Martin, Arthur has the right of it. Ice build up causes the wires to pull slightly out of the transformer, creating a short circuit and hence a blown transformer. Branches on wires knocked down by wind or ice can do the same thing.