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Bird Bath

Robins: sight and sound. Just playing around. Don’t expect much. Only works in Opera and Firefox browsers at this time. Sound doesn’t work with Safari, and show can’t survive IE7′s many security features.

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Pretty Pics from Friends

Noded has a beautiful picture of a storm blowing in from the ocean. Doug is showing how lovely it gets further north. He also another photo I thought of linking, but I’m waiting to see if Diane has hit him … Continue reading

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Of the 166 feeds I’m subscribed to, less than 15% have updated in the last month. In the last week, less than 5%.

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The New Cute

You knew this was going to happen. Cute Overload now has competition: Ugly Overload — the cute for the rest of us. Through Ugly Overload, I also found out about Adorablog. Between all three, I passed out. One can only … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Anne Zelenka, first for her position of technical writer for GigaOM, second for her analyst position at Red Monk. Congratulations to Marshall Kirkpatrick for leaving TechCrunch (thanks to Jeneane).

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Repeal Day and Sour Balls

Stumbled across a wonderful food blog this weekend: Brownie Points. In particular, I point you to her/his post on Repeal Day a move to create a new holiday celebrating the repeal of Eighteenth Amendment. According to the originator of the … Continue reading

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From 3QuarksDaily, Just Their Type on literary gossips: One way or another, it seems, we shall just have to accept the awful, the incredible truth: Jane Austen had sex. Gosh.

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