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Prototype is not the defacto standard

Ajaxian has a pushback at Prototype criticism. Among the criticism is: A lot of javascript tutorials written today are based on the prototype framework. So, I thought it would be nice to see how other people use prototype.js . What … Continue reading

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The Giveaway

I find it humorous that after the Blogger meeting with Bill Gates–where he walked into a room of bloggers, all of whom were using Apple laptops–Microsoft works with Acer to send out Windows laptops to webloggers. As Jeneane notes, primarily … Continue reading

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Best of Astronomy

What a wonderful post: Bad Astronomy comes out with his Top Ten Astronomy images of 2006, complete with stories. I had completely missed the “Painting the Eclipse” photo, and am so glad Phil Plait has not. Wonderful. We have robots … Continue reading

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Oh. What a surprise. John Edwards is running for President. And he’s grabbing the Kids of the Kluetrain for all our good internet-driven fund raising. Wow. Couldn’t have seen that one coming.

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I can’t say that I’m a fan of either Gerald Ford or James Brown, but in the end I don’t think either gentleman got the credit they deserve for their contributions in life. Gerald Ford will go down in history … Continue reading

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Jurassic Shrimp, Beaked Squid, Hairy Crabs

While most of us were agog about the recent filming of the giant squid, in Australia on Monday comes announcements of many marine discoveries in the last year. Among them are shrimp similar to ones extinct 50 million years ago, … Continue reading

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Where's the Harm

I was asked in comments associated with the post on Judge Dierker, what’s the harm in someone saying something offensive. Read the original story in the Riverfront Times about the woman and the case that forms the basis for the … Continue reading

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