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A Little Humility, A Little Quiet

Don at Hands in the Dirt writes: For Christians, I think that the last thing called for in this Christmas season is phony magic, the wishful making upright of all that is turned over, either personal or in the larger … Continue reading

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The World's Most Dangerous Company

Greg Beck at CL&P writes on the far reaching consequences of Google’s data store, especially from a legal stand point. So, what does Google know about you, you innocent you with nothing to fear? It knows every site you visit … Continue reading

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First Lawsuit Threat

Hey, I got my first threat of a lawsuit for what I’ve written in the weblog. I guess that makes me special. Seth’s Let’s kill all the lawyers.

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Dave Rogers: Given enough posts, all bloggers are shallow. The converse side of this is: fill your hole deep enough with crap and you’ll be able to see over the top. Dave also had a twist on Five things: name … Continue reading

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Stavros the Wonderchicken is back with an astonishingly apropos YouTube video.

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Walking Alone

The gentleman who posted the Playboy image at a recent Perl conference, wrote a very thoughtful note about the events leading up to his talk, his reasoning, and then an apology to the conference committee, and especially the female members … Continue reading

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Would you want this man as your judge?

I have long been brought up to a belief that tolerance is a virtue, not a vice or a vise. Evidently, not all people have this same belief. The irony of the situation is, of course, that if I truly … Continue reading

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