Fired Up

I really like Fired Up Missouri, a local political weblog, but I’m not sure I agree with this one.

Judy Haggard was recently appointed to fill a Democratic position on the Board of Curators at the University of Missouri. Her husband is a prominent Republican supporter. Among the concerns raised is fund raising parties thrown for Republican candidates at the Haggard house, while none have been thrown for Democratic candidates. Another is the fact that she donated to Talent’s candidacy, but there’s no evidence that she’s donated to a Democratic candidate.

Of herself, Ms. Haggard states:

I am a Democrat. I was raised a Democrat, and I happen to be married to a Republican. We have spirited discussions at our family meals. I vote for who I believe is the right candidate.

Of course, being a Democrat means voting Democrat. Same with voting primarily for Republicans. If you don’t vote based on a party, then you’re an independent. At the same time, a woman is capable of having independent decisions and thoughts from her husband. If he wanted to throw a fundraiser, and she’s not that interested in politics enough to do the same for Democrats, doesn’t mean that she isn’t a Democrat.

In the end, what matters is that Ms. Haggard has to be accountable for herself and her actions, not for her husband, or what he does. If she is comfortable saying she’s a Democrat, that she votes primarily Democrat, unless we have direct proof otherwise–and voting is a private act–we have to trust that she wouldn’t dishonor herself by being dishonest or deceptive about such a declaration.

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2 Responses to Fired Up

  1. Charles says:

    What you’ve got there is a DINO, Democrat In Name Only. It makes little difference if you personally vote Democratic, if you work against Democratic interests.

  2. Doug Alder says:

    Can you support that Charles? After all as one of the comments on that article (you did read the comments didn’t you?) said

    Let me get this straight – a pro-choice, gay friendly woman who runs a free/income adjusted health care clinic for immigrants and poor rural residents and provides needed services in one of Missouri’s poorest counties as well as advocating for increased support for health care services is getting grief from Democrats and being accused of being too Republican??? She’s also a proponent of family planning services and works closely with social service agencies.

    Sounds pretty actively Democrat not Republican to me. Are people only supposed to marry those with the same party affiliation as themselves? Is she responsible for the fund raising her husband does for the GOP? Of course not. Nor should anyone be slavishly tied to supporting any one party even if they primarily support and vote for that party, which is why in your last mid terms a lot of traditional GOP voters voted Democrat instead – that did not make them RINOs