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Old Skool?

Lifted my head long enough from Adding Ajax to see a fooflah about Flickr’s newest announcement. Flickr had said a long time ago that there would be a time when you won’t be able to have a login separate from … Continue reading

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Fired Up

I really like Fired Up Missouri, a local political weblog, but I’m not sure I agree with this one. Judy Haggard was recently appointed to fill a Democratic position on the Board of Curators at the University of Missouri. Her … Continue reading

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Honest Cruft

When I went looking for a FOAF file to copy for my playing around with Ajax, RDF, Flickr, and so on, I immediately thought of Dan Brickley’s FOAF file, and once I had copied it locally, I just plugged it … Continue reading

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And it Jiggles, too

I’ve been playing with mash-ups lately for the book, and at one point had to slap myself in the face to get me to Stop! Stop! Not another service! straup at Flickr’s announcement of “machine tags” is significant, because, as … Continue reading

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The Surest Indicator

The surest indicator of how things have changed since the election is that Bush came to Missouri today, but the lead story in St. Louis Today (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch online site) ended up being about the winning Powerball ticket … Continue reading

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Benefiting the Insurance companies, not the people

Bush is making a visit to Missouri on Thursday to push his health care plan. How appropriate, considering that our Republican governor has cut the number of children and other people covered under Medicaid and Medicare. Over 100,000 400,000 were … Continue reading

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Magic and Gewgaws

Anne Zelensky questions the value of embracing chaos based on Tara Hunt’s suggestion. Anne wrote: I’ve had my arms around chaos for a couple months now, pretty much ever since starting my Web Worker Daily and RedMonk gigs right before … Continue reading

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