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Passive Truth

Dare Obasanjo on Wikipedia: I’m trying to figure out how we go from Microsoft having problems flagging mistakes to Wikipedia editors and trying to get the relevant entry updated while not violating Wikipedia’s conflict of interest rules to Microsoft is … Continue reading

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Burningbird Back, kind of

I’ve pointed my Planet software output to the top-level directory, so in a way, Burningbird is back. I’m not sure I’m going to continue using Planet software, because I don’t care for how it pulls in sites by date, … Continue reading

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Progressive Enhancement

The book title, Adding Ajax, should be synonymous with the concept of progressive enhancement in Ajax development, and I’ve gone through the earlier chapters and adjusted accordingly. Progressive enhancement (or should that be Progressive Enhancement?) is the philosophy that you … Continue reading

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Ella Sings the Blues

WordPress 2.1 is code-named “Ella” after Ella Fitzgerald. Well, if that’s so, then Ella is singing the blues. In the next couple of weeks, I planned on upgrading all of my weblogs to the new version. I’m also moving the … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and nofollow

That bastard Google warp-around nofollow rears its ugly little head again, this time with Wikipedia. Jimmy Wales, chief Pedian has issued a proclamation that Wikipedia outgoing links will now be labeled with ‘nofollow’, as a measure to prevent link spam. … Continue reading

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Nixon and Water Quality

One of the major campaign elements from Matt Blunt was his support for agricultural interests. Once he was in place and put his good Republican friend, Doug Childers, in as the head of the Department of Natural Resources, water quality … Continue reading

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In search of Lacey Smith

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to return to my search, but I hope to sometime in the near future. I’m trying to find a Lacey Smith, though he’s long been dead and the only event of any note … Continue reading

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