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What an absolutely beautiful fish. From Galactic Interactions: Gravity as the curvature of spacetime— it’s such a simple, elegant, beautiful concept that it almost pains me to think that efforts to unify gravity with quantum mechanics may result in our … Continue reading

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To Those who say it doesn’t matter

Anne Zelenka attended the recent Adobe Engage. She writes of her experience, being one of the few women present: There were slights throughout the day: a mention of “granny mode” for a beginner’s big fonts mode of some Adobe software, … Continue reading

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Known Universe

I’m not sure why I’m getting 404 log entries for pages that WordPress serves. The material that mentions this online this seems confused. If anyone has any suggestions, I have ears enough. I think I have all my redirects, other … Continue reading

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Perfect Example

Here’s a perfect example of how the computer field is broken: In a post at Coding Horror, based on earlier posts at Imran on Tech and Raganwald, the author parrots what the others state, that programmers can’t program. With lots … Continue reading

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iCephalopod V

More cephaloporn thanks to Mr. Moult, who is also the happy owner of the domain. The site linked has some wonderful, though short, videos of Taningia danae, eight armed squid, captured recently by Tsunemi Kubodera. They demonstrate how amazingly … Continue reading

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Social Software for 100.00

Answer: A mashup between MySpace and a big group hug with strangers. What is Ning?, Alex.

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Short Takes

The editing process can be fraught with possibilities for humor, especially when looking at typos. In one example, the text of the sample web site talked about “Poor the margarita into a glass”, leading to expressions of sympathy from my … Continue reading

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