Known Universe

I’m not sure why I’m getting 404 log entries for pages that WordPress serves. The material that mentions this online this seems confused. If anyone has any suggestions, I have ears enough.

I think I have all my redirects, other than managing a 401 document, which Phil suggested. That’s what’s causing the conflict between WordPress’ htaccess that ate the world and authenticated subdirectories.

I have too many categories, and need to merge these, and also provide redirects when I do. That’s the number one reason NOT to use categories in permalinks. Oh well, life needs challenges.

What I also need to do is create 410 gone entries in my .htaccess file for the permanently removed resources. Until finished, and until I recover from my merge, people will have to suffer through my 404 page.

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One Response to Known Universe

  1. Asbjørn Ulsberg says:

    It’s terrible that WordPress doesn’t handle 410 and 301 itself. Since it controls the URI space, it’s not a big problem to keep references of the old URL’s and then just check “Is this post deleted” or “Is this post moved somewhere?” and then respond with 410 or 301 respectively. Since WordPress doesn’t do this, doing anything but writing entries (e.g. moving, deleting, merging, etc.) becomes a little bit of a PITA.