You can never keep an old bird down…

The mass weblog integration has been made, but not without a lot of problems. Most of the category associations were lost, and since I used categories as part of the permalinks, posts will end up with a new permalink that doesn’t map to the old. The only way to fix this will be to manually edit the posts.

WordPress also sets up the .htaccess file in such a way that if a subdirectory is protected with .htaccess authentication, such as my Adding Ajax review directory, it intercedes and wants to fulfill the request. In the .htaccess file, two conditions check to see if the object being accessed exists as a file or a directory. If it does, the request is passed through; if it doesn’t WordPress assumes it’s one of its pages.

However, an authentication request is neither a file nor a directory, and these ended up triggering WP processing.

I found that several other people had this problem, but I’m using workaround which seems to work well. Once the book review is over, I won’t have a password protected subdirectory and can get rid of it.

The site design: simple. My main interest was reducing the amount of white in the text area, providing a site that could display photos, and I wanted to incorporate Hubble images. The banner has a changing Hubble image, which of course you have to click through to see if you’re reading this in a syndication feed.

Speaking of which, these are all redirected, and should show up in your aggregators.

This is brand new, and I only have so much time with the work on the book. Please be patient while I work through the kinks, but do let me if there’s a problem.

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8 Responses to Moved

  1. I spent an embarrassing amount of time shouting “no, look, I’m redirecting ^/foo/ with a [L] so you don’t get to touch it, WP” before finally googling up something mentioning that I wasn’t redirecting the 401 ErrorDocument that hides behind the Auth request.

    Then after I got past the Auth, I hit reload, um, “several times,” before I finally realized I had the WP 404 page stuck in my cache, and shift-reloaded.

  2. Scott says:

    I keep flirting with the idea of finding a new theme for my blogs. I suck at design. If I were to design my site it would look like Archie Mcphee store threw up. Which would be cool if I had any sense of design.

    Thank god for designers who don’t mind giving stuff away.

    This look nice. So far, no hassles.

  3. The feed redirected fine for me. Nice, clean site design.

  4. shelleyp says:

    Glad the site is working out. I rather like the clean look, and what’s not to like about Hubble.

    Phil, gah, it’s a mess. You wouldn’t believe all the fun I’ve had the last few days with all the redirection madness, with getting rid of old sites, and moving WP to the root directory.

    So redirect the 401? Gah, I think I like the blog header hack. I’m about redirected and status coded out.

  5. Are you done moving now? :) Not to get on your case, mind (if it annoyed me seriously, I’d’ve unsubscribed) – it’s just that a particular quirk of mine is that I keep full feed archives for the sites I read, and I’m somewhat obsessive about those archives, and I need to figure out what to do about yours now. I’ve ended up with a bunch of subscriptions to you, all redirected to the same feed.

    In other news, I rather like the new digs.

  6. Melinda says:

    Nice design; the larger letter that starts each entry is a nice touch.

    One small thing: the right-hand sidebar has dropped down the page. I’m looking at it with Internet Explorer 6.0.

  7. shelleyp says:

    Thanks, I like the new design, too, if I can say such a thing. It doesn’t strain my eyes, and love that Hubble.

    Aristotle, you never know where the river of life will take us.

    You maintain archives of all your feeds? Wow, I can barely read the current ones.

    Melinda, thanks for the note. I’ll have to tinker see if I can get it working without screwing up the layout overmuch for all other browsers.