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The Cultural Divide

Kimberly Blessing has a good follow up discussion on the recent diversity discussion. She specifically pointed out something I also noticed, and it had to do with Robert Scoble’s comment to my post. Robert wrote: One thing about Digg and … Continue reading

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The Wonders of S3

The only domains I’m keeping are,, and Burningbird is my major site, I’m turning the into an online CV, resume, what have you, and developing MissouriGreen more fully. One unique feature of Missouri Green is that … Continue reading

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Browser Testing

Roger Johansson details his browser testing strategy and it is far more extensive than mine–at least for CSS and markup, though I go much further when it comes to JavaScript. I start with, and use extensively, Firefox on the Mac. … Continue reading

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Distance Learning

Eric Langhorst is a history teacher in Liberty, Missouri. He’s been specializing in ways of using the internet in order to aid in the teaching of history, and has posted conference notes about his research for the MidWest Education Technology … Continue reading

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Last Words

I don’t have anything further to add to the discussion about women and whatever. The same old same old happens. I’ve listened to men who are in the loop who look around and say, “There’s no problem.” I’ve heard other … Continue reading

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You can never keep an old bird down… The mass weblog integration has been made, but not without a lot of problems. Most of the category associations were lost, and since I used categories as part of the permalinks, posts … Continue reading

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Work progresses on the new integrated web site, and I’ve finished the design. Unfortunately, WordPress’s export and/or import routine really plays havoc with the categories, and I’m having to manually correct several. As such, I’m reloading the sites again, which … Continue reading

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