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It’s all about Control

I did not take the break I thought about, primarily because I was still involved with some communications. I also found myself somewhat obsessed with last week’s happenings. In the end, what saddened me the most about last week wasn’t … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Make a Good Photo

One last set of photos from the Gardens, and then I’m off to travel a bit, walk a lot, take care of some business and maybe even more photos. The weather has been in the 80s and wet. Spring didn’t … Continue reading

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Three Thoughts

First, attention is a two-edged sword, with one side blunted. Second, Google is like the Hotel California: You can check out, but you can never leave. Third? Golly, the pawn really is expendable. I thought that was only a lie … Continue reading

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Three for the Cephalopods

I don’t know how Cephalopodcast finds all these gems, but I want to point to the three most recent: Tell the Pope: Save the Turtles! A pointer to Swim at your Own Risk — I don’t always agree with the … Continue reading

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One more post

On the issue of online behavior. I admire what Michelle Malkin wrote. Her race and her sex have both been used repeatedly against her. No matter how much you disagree with Michelle, such responses reflect badly only on those who … Continue reading

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The Power to Hurt

Last night, some of the comments in the Disappointed post talked about the power of words and their ability to hurt people. This is completely unrelated to the events this week, but I’ve never found that my enemies, if that’s … Continue reading

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Closing Comments

I’m going to be closing comments on the two weblog posts later tonight. I have a couple of other posts and then I’ve got some stuff to do and won’t be online much for a time. I also think that … Continue reading

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