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And so it begins

Tara Hunt: Shelley almost gets it, though her ’snark’ commentary in the past has led to the encouragement of ‘mean kids’ like behaviour. I think Shelley is smart, but she can also cross over to the side of mean at … Continue reading

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I think AKMA did a better job of taking a closer, calmer, more reasoned look at the situation than I did. I also wanted to point out Baldur’s post, which leads one to careful thought. Ronnie Bennett also has an … Continue reading

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Sunday Links

From 3QuarksDaily:Boeing’s prototype controller uses an fMRI to check just how overloaded a pilot’s visual and verbal memories are. Then the system adjusts its interface — popping the most important radar images up on the middle of the screen, suggesting … Continue reading

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BSG: Yes or No

The St. Louis Today had a story on Battlestar Galactica: Chicks ‘dig’ Battlestar. Recently, some of my Post-Dispatch colleagues staged an intervention. Their message: I needed to get aboard “Battlestar Galactica.” I, uh, have the utmost respect for the show, … Continue reading

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Baseline Library

I’ve only downloaded it and started playing, but I like the idea of a JavaScript library based purely on implementing standards. Small and lightweight, Dean Edwards’ base2.DOM provides a good baseline for development without worrying about interesting proprietary extensions and … Continue reading

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For the first time, I managed to make it to Shaw’s Nature Center when the daffodils are at their peak. The Center’s daffodils have grown wild, and as such they blanket the grounds. In the past, I’ve typically taken photos … Continue reading

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Losing the Local

I wrote in comments to Dan Gillmor’s post yesterday that David Lazurus sounded frustrated and perhaps even frightened, and then today I read from Tim O’Reilly that the San Francisco Chronicle is in trouble. This follows on from ValleyWag, which … Continue reading

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