Three for the Cephalopods

I don’t know how Cephalopodcast finds all these gems, but I want to point to the three most recent:

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3 Responses to Three for the Cephalopods

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  2. Jason says:

    NewsFire is my new friend. Now that I have it configured properly, I can consume many more feeds at a blistering pace much more efficiently. Helps me catch some stories that I previously would have missed. MarsEdit is also making the whole blog posting business easier too. (Now if I could only find a way to make the podcasting part effortless…)

    Glad you enjoy. Thanks. :)

  3. CM Gifford says:

    Howdy! ^..^

    Your photos are brilliant and the content I love. But what you said on delacour’s page re cats being more responsive to names ending in the long “e” sound is wrong.

    It was anthropomorphic of you to say that… cats may respond more readily to that ending due to the fact that we, as humans, tend to emphasize it with a bit more sweetness in the voice than the other possible endings/syllables.

    I like your sense of aesthetics. Thank You for the website and photos.