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Mark Would have Laughed

Now, how could a good daughter of Missouri not point to a New York Times article that mixes Web 2.0 and Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer? White picket fences, indeed. Is the semantic web then equivalent to A Connecticut Yankee in … Continue reading

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Draconian? Or Precise?

Jeff Atwood has a writing, JavaScript and HTML: Forgiveness by Default where he discusses the little broken bits of JavaScript that litter our Net highway. He compares that with something like XHTML, where even the slightest mistake results in an … Continue reading

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The Hummingbird Story

Nobel Prize Winner Wangari Maathai from the Green Belt Movement, with the hummingbird story. The last disc in the Planet Earth series, only included with the standard DVD edition, contains three additional shows having to do with conservation, The Planet … Continue reading

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Links for the Senses

Thanks to 3 Quarks Daily, wonderful Street Installations. Norm Jenson points out an interview with David Sedaris Euan Semple brings us an amazing short movie. Sheila Lennon shares a found treasure: Classic short stories, including works by Joyce, Dylan Thomas, … Continue reading

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Accessibility, Microformats, and RDF as the Bezoar Stone

Really nice writeup on the conflict between Microformats use of abbr with hCalendar and accessibility: The datetime-design-pattern is a way to show a readable date (such as “March 12, 2007 at 5 PM, Central Standard Time”) to humans and a … Continue reading

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The Financial Times did an investigation on the ‘carbon credit’ companies, and it might sound the death knell for these types of companies. Adobe continues its moves to open source by open sourcing Flex, the company’s entry into the Rich … Continue reading

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Piece of Crap

There’s been a rancorous discussion on a plan to sell the state’s tuition loan program to private interests in order to raise money for capital improvements. It’s known as MOHELA, after the fund, and is symptomatic of the growing divide … Continue reading

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