Just a reminder that if you want a Joost invitation, send me an email or add a comment with the name you want used and your email. The most recent release of the software seems to be much more stable on my Windows XP machine.

I’m still patiently waiting for Max Headroom. I’ve also noticed that the Joost folks are remarkably uncommunicative on the Joost forums, in the Joost weblog, or in response to bug reports. It would seem we have another Apple on our hands.

I also have five invitations to folks for Freebase. My previous writing on Freebase.

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19 Responses to Invites

  1. Hi Shelley,

    I’d like one of the freebase invites, please.



  2. Saravanan says:

    Shelley, Can you send me an invite for freebase?


  3. Noah Slater says:

    I would also like a Freebase invite. Woot. Thanks.

  4. ooh ooh … gimme some freebase … I’ve been wanting to check that out …

  5. gabbi says:

    hey can u please send me an invitation…..


  6. gabbi says:

    hey can u please send me an invitation


  7. Shelley says:

    For which one, gabbi?

    I’ve sent four out already, to Noah, saravan, Daniel, and Patrick. Or at least I’m attempting with yours, Patrick — the server is down. Make sure that these don’t get filtered via your spam controls.

  8. Shelley says:

    gabbi, no I meant, Freebase or Joost?

  9. gabbi says:

    i need joost….

  10. gabbi says:

    hey shelly frankly speaking…. i came to no abt joost after seeing an article in a news paper…..and i donno wt this free base u r talking about….if u dont mind can u please explain me the difference between these two….

  11. Noah Slater says:

    can u sen me mor invits pls as i need them real bad. OMG LOL wot invite?

    p.s. Shelly, thanks. Heh.

  12. OMGWTFBBQ… cn u pls give me free base invite. KTHXBYE.

  13. Shelley says:

    Ur invites have all ben sen.

    All de invites r now pwoned!

  14. Shelley says:

    gabbi, my previous writing on Freebase would be a good place to start.

  15. Arthur says:

    1 7h1nk 1′m 700 l4te f0r 4n 1nv173, 4m 1?

  16. Shelley says:

    n0p3. Y0U’r3 0u7 0f LuCk.

  17. Noah Slater says:

    im in ur freebase stealin ur invites

  18. Shelley, Freebase seems like it might be an interesting venue to revisit your thoughts on metadata for metaphor, simile, analogy, and allegory.