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I’m chasing down ICC profiles for examples, and am behind on writing for the book. Time to ‘hunker down’, and forgo the pleasures of sipping the nectar of the blogs. At least for a week or two. In the meantime, … Continue reading

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Adult wim: Robot Chicken Wars. A must for Star Wars Fans. Originally linked from another site, which pulled the video. This is the link to the originating site. Adult Swim is a Joost channel, so it might be on Joost, … Continue reading

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Marathon 2.0

I must admit to being confused about Molly Holzschlag’s recent posts, including the latest. Today she writes, in clarification of her post where she calls for a moratorium on new standards work: Perhaps there is a better solution than pausing … Continue reading

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Small Clarification

A small clarification to the post about soliciting opportunities and jobs for women, I am currently not looking for a contract or such opportunity. I’m working on a book, and I am also taking on a small contract in July. … Continue reading

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My Kitten

This photo is just dying for a lolcats.

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Where are the Jobs? Where are the Opportunities?

As is typical for events such as these, mention is made in comments related to the “Beautiful code” book about providing a list of women–the typical “where are the women” these discussions always break down to. How many times do … Continue reading

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Undermining Sicko

Sheila Lennon has been following the release of Michael Moore’s Sicko on the internet, including the defiant postings on conservative weblogs. Hard to say where the film came from, and normally, I imagine that Moore would be happy about a … Continue reading

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