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Diff Between HTML 4.0 and HTML 5

Anne Van Kesteren, perhaps in response to this post by Molly Holzschlag, created a difference document between HTML 4.0 and HTML 5. This is a very succinct look at how the markup will change, and I found it helpful. My … Continue reading

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Breaking into Topic Category

My apologies for those who are interested only in specific topics I write on–such as RDF and semantic web–and the fact that you’re now getting a larger number of topics. Probably too many to interest you, especially when I throw … Continue reading

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Lords of the Bugs

I need to focus back on the book this week, but I can’t get some online discussions out of my mind. One has to do with giving, and receiving criticism. The other is the discussion about how the tech community … Continue reading

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Women Evidently Don’t Program

If you’re an older woman in tech you’re faced with a double whammy. In the last post, we discover we’re too old to ‘hack the web’. However, we’re also not considered much of a programmer, either. Or at least, that’s … Continue reading

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Eh? Eh? What’s that you say Sonny?

Shiny, young thinking VC says the Net belongs to the young’uns: Who is developing this “clearer idea”? Who is developing the set of “design patterns”? It’s the younger generation. And its important to understand why. It is incredibly hard to … Continue reading

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Feed your Funk

This one I happily pass along from the Squid Man… McSweeney’s, a small publisher of quarterlies and books, lost $130,000 when one of their distributors went bankrupt while still owing them that amount. The company is having a big book … Continue reading

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Victim is now ‘out’

Speaking of ‘victims’ and perceptions, this is absolutely fascinating. Tara Hunt writes on the dangers of women being silenced and references the Kathy Sierra incident. It would seem now that Weblogging, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that Kathy Sierra … Continue reading

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