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On Mozilla and Thunderbird

I wanted to point out that Brendan Eich from the Mozilla Corporation left a thoughtful comment on my post about Mozilla and Thunderbird. He mentions about Mozilla, as platform and the work with Joost, which also incorporates the use of … Continue reading

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Guy Features?

I wasn’t going to say anything about the Ajax Experience conference, and the fact that there was no women as presenters. I would think this would be painfully embarrassing to the Ajax Experience organizers, but they’ve never seemed overly concerned … Continue reading

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Pets and the Ethical Dilemma

I hope that Danny’s cat Sparql is found and returned to her loving family soon. I know how stressful it is when a beloved pet is missing. My own cat, Zoë, is close to 15 years old, now. Until about … Continue reading

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XHTML/HTML mucking around

Sorry for the odd syndication feed entries. After I upgraded to the most recent WordPress release, the plugin I used to serve pages as XHTML was silently deactivated, and I had been serving pages as HTML since. I had gotten … Continue reading

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All Ur Squidz Belonga Me

Thanks to Doug Pardee and Alan Herrell sending me links on the story of the Humboldt squids in California, and Doug especially for pointing out the US News item. I found with the latter, the segue from “terrorists attempting to … Continue reading

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Where is Mozilla Heading

I don’t have time to do either story justice, but I wanted to point out Mitchell Baker’s request for someone (or some organization) to take on Thunderbird, care and feeding of, and Sam Ruby’s post covering Brendan Eich’s Ajax Experience … Continue reading

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