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Mobile Jones brought this up in comments, but I had already started a post. I’ll link to Mobile’s writeup on this when she provides the URL. It is hot, and I’m having a lot of problems with my right hand, … Continue reading

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Google has Invented P2P

Read/Write links to Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s answer to the question: What is Web 3.0. What is Web 3.0 according to Google? Small, fast, device independent clients that work with data ‘in the cloud’ and are spread virally. Congratulations, Google: … Continue reading

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Two from the Seas

Two from the watery depths: Cephalopodcast points out the Carnival of the Blue with some really impressive writings related to the Ocean. I look at the entries for it, as well as the Carnival of Space and think we need … Continue reading

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Caltech: Glimmer and Glomming

Susan Kitchens points out that the number of women in the freshmen class at Caltech has increased from 28.5 last year to 37 percent this year. That’s a significant rise, even though it doesn’t match other tech colleges (42 to … Continue reading

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In the Hundreds

The St. Louis summer is rolling in with a vengeance this week, with effective temperatures expected in the hundreds–perhaps as high as 110. It’s a good time to catch up on the book writing, which is going slowly. There isn’t … Continue reading

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A-List Ethics

Daniel Lyons of Forbes is ‘unmasked’ as Fake Steve via the effort of a New York Times reporter, Brad Stone. There is angst and even some chastisement of the New York Times for ‘ruining the fun’. But not once have … Continue reading

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WordPress Update

WordPress users, upgrade to today’s WordPress security release immediately. This fixes a vulnerability that is ‘in the wild’–examples of how to exploit can be easily found and just as easily exploited. This is not a “We’ll sit around and think … Continue reading

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