SnagIt Equivalent for Mac

I love SnagIt for the PC. I’m using it for this book, and I’ve included a description of it in the book, as one of the tools covered. It’s a great screen capture tool.

Only problem: no version for the Mac.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a comparable tool for the Mac? Other than Grab? What I’m looking for is a tool that not only does the great screen captures in multiple ways (window, selection, timed, desktop, paged), but also provides the post-capture annotation, such as the nice looking arrows, cursors, and graphics, as well as the tasks such as select and magnify, and so on.

If it has a download trial or is shareware or even free, all the better.

More about SnagIt for Mac

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11 Responses to SnagIt Equivalent for Mac

  1. Jack says:


    If you can stand to wait, Techsmith has heard you and has a feature request form here:

    I agree that Snagit is great. I can’t imagine putting a tech book together without it.

  2. Dori says:

    Every Mac-based writer I know uses Snapz Pro X, as Jason mentioned above. However, it doesn’t (so far as I know) do the post-capture stuff you’re looking for. For that, you might take a look at Skitch (from Plasq), which is currently in beta. Drop me a line if you need an invite.

  3. Shelley says:

    Thanks for the recommends. I’ll give them all a try. Ain’t free trials and downloads handy?

    Dori, thanks, but I received an invite to Skitch tonight, and am giving it a try right now.

    I’m not sure about the company ending the invite email with “Love, The Plasq Crew”

  4. trb says:

    A nice tool for various kinds of screenshots is InstantShot! ( It allows for multiple ways (window, selection, timed, desktop). I mostly use the features in combination with copying the screenshot to the clipboard from where I paste it into, e.g., OmniGraffle for adding effects.

  5. The maker of Snagit has released a new software or rather a “project” that you can use on Mac as well called Jing. Read more here:

  6. Virginia says:

    Snap Z Pro is the very thing you seek, oh seeker of software.

  7. Imagewell, fwiw, meets my very modest needs.

  8. Shelley says:

    First looks: Skitch is rather nice. You can see my first screenshot with annotation here. The web upload is one click, and that’s nice if you’re using screenshots for online tutorials. I’m still trying to download Snap Z Pro, but the download is rather slow.

    I was aware of OmniGraffle, but hadn’t thought to use it to annotate screenshots. Will give that one a try too, as well as Imagewall.

  9. Douglas Karr says:

    For images, OSX has it built in, called ‘Grab’. Apple-Shift-4 allows you to drag over a region and it will save the image to your desktop. You can access the application ‘Grab’ in your Applications folder.

    For video, Snapz Pro is fantastic.