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Binding Mandatory Arbitration: A report by Public Citizen

-updated- Can your congressional representative be bought? A report on Binding Mandatory Arbitration agreements, and a bill before congress to take back the law from the corporations. It’s an eye opening experience to see how many people have received contributions from the fat cats. Continue reading

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Back to Business

Where author details stories in progress including a follow-up on Jena 6, a press release about the Arbitration Fairness act, teases about stories on technology and photography, and where she philosophizes about the end of her tech book writing career. Continue reading

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Being Alone Among Five Thousand Friends

Responding to an survey of what Americans think of Scotland (in which we make fools of ourselves), Danny Angus writes on progress:

“Progress”, it would seem, is not pick-and-mix, and by opening the door to microwaved scrambled eggs I opened the door to microwavable-meals, and by choosing to shop online I opened the door to facebook, bebo, myspace, you tube, msn, aim, etc. etc. and lets face it social networking is a weird and lonely world compared to cooking a meal for your friends.

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Congratulations to Steve and Sage on the birth of their daughter, Gretchen Suzanne (who really doesn’t look like a Doozer). Continue reading

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Creative Inevitability

Wherein the author reflects on the recent lawsuit against Creative Commons and the warnings she’s given for half a decade. Continue reading

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Upgraded and Tagged

Where I go ‘Huzzah!’ for Wordpress’s new taxonomy/tag thing, and I explain, briefly, why I no longer support full feeds. Continue reading

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Welcome Fall

Happy first day of Fall. Oh, how wonderful to think this miserable summer is drawing to a close. August went down as the third warmest August since weather history has been kept in this region. A couple of cooler days … Continue reading

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