Welcome Fall

maple leaf Happy first day of Fall. Oh, how wonderful to think this miserable summer is drawing to a close.

August went down as the third warmest August since weather history has been kept in this region. A couple of cooler days towards the end kept it from being the hottest. We’re still quite warm and humid, with temperatures today in the 90s and only getting down to about 70 at night. Hopefully, we’re heading into normal temperatures later this week.

I thought I would check the Fall color report and the predictions look dismal for the state. Whatever region didn’t get blasted by our odd thaw-freeze-thaw cycle this spring, got hit with an ice storm in January, and/or the summer drought. This is the first time I remember that all parts of the state are being conservative about their predictions for fall color.

We’ve started feeding neighborhood animals and birds, once I saw the pathetic acorns and other nuts coming from our own neighborhood trees. I’m concerned because we don’t seem to have many birds this year; even the number of squirrels are down. The only critter that has done well in the weather this year are the mosquitoes.


During one of the nicer nights in the last few weeks, I was finally able to open the windows to get some fresh air, only to have the St. Louis pest control come through with the mosquito spraying. Ah, there’s nothing better than the smell of bug spray by moonlight.

Still, Fall is my favorite time of the year. I don’t know if it’s the deeper, richer colors of autumn, the cooler weather, the pleasant walks, but I always feel changes for the good are right around the corner.

color palette

Plus there’s Halloween candy.

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7 Responses to Welcome Fall

  1. loren says:

    So that’s where our summer went !

    I want it back, now, so that the green tomatoes and underdeveloped corn have a chance to mature.

    This has been the coldest, wettest summer for many a year here in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Charles says:

    Today on the TV weather report, they said our local high temp for the entire summer was 90F. My immediate thought was that this was an extremely wimpy summer. Usually we hit a prolonged stretch of at least 100F, if not higher. But I don’t mind if it’s mild.

  3. jr says:

    I think we have your missing squirrels up here at Noded North, although their tails seem to have not turned very bushy. Could be a warm winter.

  4. Doug Alder says:

    We’ve had an exceptionally hot summer here and it is still in the 60s and 70s during the day but getting quite cold at night – had to finally turn the furnace on the other day. We had two solid weeks of temperatures around 105 to114 this summer – naturally that’s when I chose to move ;). In another two months I’ll be up to my butt in snow for 4 months so I shouldn’t complain

  5. Arthur says:

    Our furnace already kicked in a couple of times last week (NS, CA CDN). I’m not sure if the leafs will turn out coloured this Fall. Most maple trees I’ve seen have been hit by ‘tar spots’, which according to some experts, is because of the wet Summer we had.

  6. Shelley says:

    It seems like everyone has had summers either wetter than normal, or hotter. Definitely dryer her in the midwest.

    As for squirrels and bushy tails, we were astounded when we started putting seed and sunflower seeds our for the critters (we salt the areas around our house, so the animals still have to ‘forage’) to see Lefty — the squirrel who had lost its left from paw years ago. He’s still here, and still the biggest and baddest of the squirrels.

  7. Elaine says:

    I’m just glad I got my week of vacation in on what turned out to be the last week of summer…and one of the few summer-like weeks. I always have this moment of panic as the weather gets cooler and/or rainy and the days get shorter, although this year it hasn’t been as bad. What I am feeling panicky about is getting the house (or at least half of it) sealed and painted before the rains really close in!

    Enjoy those cooler temps, though. I lived in So Cal long enough to know that sense of relief.