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Thoughts: Leopard and OpenSocial – Updated

Final thoughts on Leopard: I’ve not seen universal happiness with the Leopard UI. Barely visible icons and menu bars, and excessive CPU required for unnecessary reflection/3D geegaws figures at the top of the list. Compatibility with applications, including ones like … Continue reading

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Last One Leaving, Turn Out the Lights

Some discussion the last few days about how all of this has lost its appeal; there is no innovation; the party is over. About the same that was said of Seattle, once long ago, after massive layoffs at Boeing. How … Continue reading

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Home Made Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, Candy Addict points to How to make your own candy bars from Chow. This site has pulled together recipes to emulate some of today’s more popular candy bars, including “Almond Jay”, “PB Cups”, a “Twixt” … Continue reading

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Flawed Safari on Leopard

It would seem that Apple released Leopard with the branch of Webkit that can’t hack certain uses of SVG. Because of this, you won’t be able to see the comments, due to the use of SVG to provide head and … Continue reading

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Virginia DeBolt posted links to several excellent how-to tutorials she wrote for eHow, including one on porting a Blogger weblog to WordPress. She also posted a rather fun graphic, made with one of the many Flickr/photo tools at Big Huge … Continue reading

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Getting Computer Creaky Syndrome

I hurt my shoulder a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been a bugger ever since. I hurt it when I tripped on something on the ground and threw my arms out to try and hold my balance. There was … Continue reading

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Really Hot Linking

Rageboy (remember him?) gives all new meaning to the term ‘hot linking’, when he switches one image for another after finding the original was hot linked. Rageboy done good, on more than one level. The site that had did the … Continue reading

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