Last One Leaving, Turn Out the Lights

Some discussion the last few days about how all of this has lost its appeal; there is no innovation; the party is over. About the same that was said of Seattle, once long ago, after massive layoffs at Boeing. How is it up there, in that ghost town, anyway?

All I can say to those suffering ennui is that if you spend all your time listening to shouts, you lose the ability to hear whispers.

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4 Responses to Last One Leaving, Turn Out the Lights

  1. Danny says:

    Does 5.6 on the Richter scale count as a whisper? That was the next story I saw after this when skimming the agg…

  2. Shelley says:

    Danny, I think the 5.6 was all the Silly Valley folks jumping up and down about the New API by Google. What’s sad/funny is that half of them don’t even know what it’s good for…but they’re excited!

  3. Elaine says:

    I’m not quite far enough north to see the ghost town from here, but things seem to keep rolling along just fine. Me, personally? I haven’t lost enthusiasm, but then again, I look at most things with a pessimistic/cheap bastard eye. Which helps more than you’d think, sometimes.

    But Olympia is in some ways a long ways away from Seattle. Something about the separation barrier of Ft. Lewis & the Nisqually Delta. Or maybe it’s the punk/hippie spirit that allies the town more closely with Portland. It’s hard to say.

    Tacoma, OTOH, seems to finally be having that renaissance that civic leaders have been trying to proclaim for at least 15 years. Sometimes I sorta miss living there.

  4. I’m across the sound from Seattle, on sleepy Bainbridge Island. But I like it that way.

    Seattle has become home to quite a few startups lately. Boeing is no longer the raison d’etre of the region.