Good Stuff

I leave you with good stuff:

  • Opera releases 3D canvas, via Anne. The browsers are on a roll, graphically. Well, except for you-know-who. You know, ole lead butt.
  • Release of WebKit 3.This is the release that should fix the SVG/Div bug. Many new CSS updates, as well as better performance.
  • IBM has its head in the clouds. It must tickle Big Blue, no end, to discover that the cycle of technology has come around to its area of expertise again.
  • Gorton’s Law, which reduces the unknown, beautiful, and weird to “when can we eat it?”, has an actual equation, now.
  • Speaking of which, not to be missed: Sixth Carnival of the Blue.
  • If it weren’t for Danny and Talis, I’d never be able to keep up with all things semantical. Seeing the reference to Joost Developer Days reminds me that there’s a new Max Headroom episode to watch. Need more.
  • I heard the song, “Mad World’, as sung by Gary Jules from the movie, “Donnie Darko”. I liked the song and went to look for it in iTunes. The song “Mad World” originated with Tears for Fears back in the early 1980′s. Since then, it’s been covered by over 30 different artists, including a barbershop quartet, disco DJs, a full orchestra, country music artists, rock, electronic, and folk artists, as well as Tears for Fears more than once, and the recent remake with Gary Jules and Michael Andrew for “Donnie Darko”. Looking for the song in YouTube returns a video featuring children forming moving figures, photos of children with a backdrop of the song lyrics, Sara Hickman singing the song, Tears for Fears with an entire choir and orchestra, a scene from Donnie Darko, a video on global warming, A Japanese street dancer, a wonderful Kiwi animation, and too many others to list.
  • Wow. *slaps forehead* I could have linked all those songs through Amazon’s affiliate program, and earned some iTunes spending money.
  • Elaine This is why I write when I can’t focus. Eventually, if I just let the words rattle on, something happens. Even if it’s not interesting or useful to anybody but me. Damn good philosophy.
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5 Responses to Good Stuff

  1. Elaine says:

    OMG – Mad World! That is one of my husband’s favorite songs ever…one of mine too. On our recent road trip we played Tears for Fears while driving in the dark through the Siskyous. ::sigh:: I will have to send him all those links. :)

    True story: a Tears for Fears tape was one of the first pieces of music that I owned, although not the one with Mad World on it.

    And thanks for the link. My mood has been on the sketchy side, and I find it helps to remind me of the things that actually work in my life.

    (Sorry for taking over your comments the last few minutes. I find I have a lot to say.)

  2. Shelley says:

    Comment anytime, Elaine. Always welcome. Even if they are about Joe Clark, who forgets that you don’t have to trash all the people all the time.

    Do check out the videos I linked.

  3. Bud Gibson says:

    I’m amazed at how webkit has come on. I thought it was a fool’s errand when apple launched it a few years ago, but it is really coming on in the mobile scene. Most impressive is the standards support.

  4. Shelley says:

    That the its support for color profiles, Bud.

  5. Regarding Opera’s release, a rotating cube can also be displayed cross-browser (plug-in free) using ExplorerCanvas, a wrapper around the Canvas vector model of Firefox/ Opera/ Safari that maps the syntax to IExplorer/ VML when needed. It’s great fun to use, I drew the vector graphics at using it. More about it here: