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Pulled Post

I had to pull the recent cellphone company post. As soon as it was published, it was showing up on Google within five minutes, and a top item, too. Then I got buried in comments and trackbacks from spam weblogs. … Continue reading

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Sprint says Merry Christmas in its Uniquely American Way

Well, there goes my Christmas. I had a cellphone account with Sprint for the last decade. I had added my roommate as a second line a couple of years back. The contract was up last February, and Sprint made us … Continue reading

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This last week has been a blur–lost between falling into bed and rising a short time later, moving into writing chair and looking out the window, thinking that forestry service career would have been a better option. I’m finished with … Continue reading

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Magical Thumbs

ImageMagick + IMagick = a whole lot of fun. Uploaded with Skitch!

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Squid Scandal

It’s not often that I can report a scandal for Squid Friday. Wednesday night, the History channel aired a program from its new series, Monster Quest, about a supposed ‘giant’ Humboldt squid, and whether it could be the famed Kraken … Continue reading

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Good Stuff

I leave you with good stuff: Opera releases 3D canvas, via Anne. The browsers are on a roll, graphically. Well, except for you-know-who. You know, ole lead butt. Release of WebKit 3.This is the release that should fix the SVG/Div … Continue reading

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I must seem like I’m filled with disdain for Twitter, Facebook, or any of these other jewels of social graphing, or whatever it’s called this week. However, I really don’t have anything against the tools, as much as I can’t … Continue reading

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