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Time Lapsed Memories

Sitting here, listening to a freshly downloaded Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas album, I’m reminded of when we lived on Grand Isle in Vermont. We lived in a rented house with a view of the lake from the living room, and the … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Photography

Photojojo has written a guide to time lapse photography that seems to be very comprehensive. I’ve not tried time lapse, other than perhaps a photo over a few seconds. It’s an interesting art form, and one that really does require … Continue reading

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Senator McCaskill supports Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007

I’m a happy camper. I just received an email from Senator McCaskill’s office that the good Senator is supporting the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007. I know my House Rep, Carnahan is on board. Now, I have to decide if … Continue reading

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Kevin Tweets

I may have to break my “No Twitter” zone just to read Kevin Marks. Yesterday he came up with, It’s an ad feminam attack which, frankly, I will make use of in the future. Then today: Yes, it’s web 2.0 … Continue reading

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A couple of people have noticed the new look for the weblog, including the stripes. They’re now mentioned in my will. After much fussing around, I took my color sampling of the photo and used it to create five stripes, … Continue reading

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Women, the Niggers of Weblogging

It’s unfortunate that the incident I wrote about in the post titled Respect has been reduced to Michael and I having a beef with each other. We’ve hardly exchanged any words with each other to be seen as having some … Continue reading

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Soft Strategy

Sam Ruby wrote, Jackass 2.5 is available exclusively on SilverLight and my first thought was, “Hey! IE 8 must be shipping!” Then I clicked the link and realized he was talking about a movie. Sam brought up Jackass the movie … Continue reading

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