Travel, See the World, Wear a Burqa

The start of the new year has been quiet for me. I finished editing on the book and my editor, Simon St. Laurent, is pleased with it. I think it will do well–it’s definitely not entering an over-saturated market.

I’ve been spending less time on my computer more time outside, which has been nice. The weather has been odd, to say the least. We had tornadoes cross the state a few days ago and now we’re heading back into our normal cold weather. I plan on going bald eagle watching next week, if it doesn’t snow.

I had an odd opportunity open up this week. Several years ago I had volunteered for Geekcorps, the organization created to send geeks into developing countries in order to help them build up their internet and IT structures. This week I received a note about a Geekcorp opportunity–in Afghanistan, of all places.

My first reaction was interest. I do like to travel, and can’t afford such on my own–at least, not to other countries. In addition, Afghanistan isn’t a place that’s on the normal tourist lists. After thinking on it, though, and especially in regards to recent events in the country, I became a little more wary. Right now, if you’re working in Kabul, you’re staying in Kabul. Chances are, you’re rarely going outside of whatever protected compound where you’re doing your work and living. It is dangerous in Afghanistan, especially being a woman–if women in tech are underrated oddities in this country, in Afghanistan, being a woman in technology could not only open you up to insult, but also to harm.

I asked the recruiter if there were other female Geekcorps members in Afghanistan, and she replied that there were no other Geekcorps people in the region, period; the organization was doing a ‘favor’ for a UK consulting company who was looking for people for a project with the Afghan government. The funder behind this effort? The World Bank.

Needless to say, I declined. Also needless to say, I’ve removed myself from the Geekcorps volunteer lists.

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