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A couple of people have noticed the new look for the weblog, including the stripes. They’re now mentioned in my will. After much fussing around, I took my color sampling of the photo and used it to create five stripes, … Continue reading

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Women, the Niggers of Weblogging

It’s unfortunate that the incident I wrote about in the post titled Respect has been reduced to Michael and I having a beef with each other. We’ve hardly exchanged any words with each other to be seen as having some … Continue reading

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Soft Strategy

Sam Ruby wrote, Jackass 2.5 is available exclusively on SilverLight and my first thought was, “Hey! IE 8 must be shipping!” Then I clicked the link and realized he was talking about a movie. Sam brought up Jackass the movie … Continue reading

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Lane Hartwell has posted a statement addressing some of the misconceptions about the use of her photo in the Bubble 2.0 video. For instance, one misconception is that she’s suing Richter Scales. She wrote: It has been erroneously reported in … Continue reading

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Friday Stuff but on Sunday

I realize my job here is to create entertaining stuff for you, but the muse isn’t on me. I’ll leave you other people’s creative stuff. From the Indiana University anthropology department, The Museum of Weird Consumer Culture. Fake testicles for … Continue reading

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One thing I’ve discovered this weekend, is there are some people who suck the life out of a discussion. They use their popularity, their rank, their legions of fans, to overwhelm and crush any opposition. No, crush is a melodramatic … Continue reading

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No way, mom.

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