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Women, the Niggers of Weblogging

It’s unfortunate that the incident I wrote about in the post titled Respect has been reduced to Michael and I having a beef with each other. We’ve hardly exchanged any words with each other to be seen as having some … Continue reading

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Lane Hartwell has posted a statement addressing some of the misconceptions about the use of her photo in the Bubble 2.0 video. For instance, one misconception is that she’s suing Richter Scales. She wrote: It has been erroneously reported in … Continue reading

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Nick Carr’s The Big Switch

Not long ago Nicholas Carr posted a note on his weblog: the first 150 webloggers who left a note would receive an advance copy of his new book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google. I received … Continue reading

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Women Ordained

From St. Louis Today: To the Roman Catholic Church, the ceremony was not an ordination. In fact, it wasn’t even Roman Catholic. But to two women and the approximately 600 people who came to cheer them on, history was made … Continue reading

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Being Nice

O’Reilly has been running a series this month titled, Women in Technology. I contributed one of the earlier essays, titled So, What?. I had ambivalent feelings about participating, not the least of which I wasn’t sure that grouping essays by … Continue reading

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Caltech: Glimmer and Glomming

Susan Kitchens points out that the number of women in the freshmen class at Caltech has increased from 28.5 last year to 37 percent this year. That’s a significant rise, even though it doesn’t match other tech colleges (42 to … Continue reading

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Where are the Jobs? Where are the Opportunities?

As is typical for events such as these, mention is made in comments related to the “Beautiful code” book about providing a list of women–the typical “where are the women” these discussions always break down to. How many times do … Continue reading

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