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Women Evidently Don’t Program

If you’re an older woman in tech you’re faced with a double whammy. In the last post, we discover we’re too old to ‘hack the web’. However, we’re also not considered much of a programmer, either. Or at least, that’s … Continue reading

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Eh? Eh? What’s that you say Sonny?

Shiny, young thinking VC says the Net belongs to the young’uns: Who is developing this “clearer idea”? Who is developing the set of “design patterns”? It’s the younger generation. And its important to understand why. It is incredibly hard to … Continue reading

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Speak Softly

Interesting writing and discussion on another perspective about women in technology. This is from the DevChix group, and though I really dislike the use of ‘chix’ and ‘grrl’ when referencing professional women, it’s a good site to discover women working … Continue reading

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Place to Start

If Tim Bray wants to get a better idea of why there aren’t as many women seemingly interested in Ruby, Rails, or associated technologies such as Ajax, he needs look no further than sites like Ajaxian. In all of the … Continue reading

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When Diversity is used as a Marketing Tool

Karoli accuses Valleywag of crossing the line with Nick Denton’s criticism of Michael Arrington’s ‘diversity’ moves, as regards to Techcrunch 2.0. I am more sympathetic to Valleywag, but not for the same reasons. MC Hammer isn’t a man associated with … Continue reading

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Banal TV? Blame Women

From the BBC News, comments by one of British television’s leading astronomers: British TV standards are deteriorating because the BBC is “run by women”, astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has said. The Sky at Night host also described female newsreaders as … Continue reading

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An Interview with Aaron Swartz

Philipp Lenssen has an interview with Aaron Swartz. It seems that Aaron was fired from Reddit some months, because, from what I’m reading, he took off for a vacation and didn’t necessarily keep his boss informed as to his traveling … Continue reading

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