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No way, mom.

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Not Overblown, but Not Important to Congress

Via Sierra Club, the Daily Kos has a break down on the top presidential candidates–Republican and Democrat–and their responses to a Katie Couric question: Is Global Warming Overblow. The answers are interesting. Fred Thompson’s response was a joke–electing him would … Continue reading

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Biofuel and Global Warming

The Christian Science Monitor has a good article on the effects of global warming in six different countries, including Indonesia. One aspect of global warming in that country is the aggressive nature of deforestation in order to grow palm trees … Continue reading

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Squid Scandal

It’s not often that I can report a scandal for Squid Friday. Wednesday night, the History channel aired a program from its new series, Monster Quest, about a supposed ‘giant’ Humboldt squid, and whether it could be the famed Kraken … Continue reading

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International Cephalopod Day

I almost missed it: International Cephalopod Awareness Day! Why October the 8th? Think about it. In the meantime, Chephalopodcast has links galore to celebrating web sites.

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Welcome Fall

Happy first day of Fall. Oh, how wonderful to think this miserable summer is drawing to a close. August went down as the third warmest August since weather history has been kept in this region. A couple of cooler days … Continue reading

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