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Two from the Seas

Two from the watery depths: Cephalopodcast points out the Carnival of the Blue with some really impressive writings related to the Ocean. I look at the entries for it, as well as the Carnival of Space and think we need … Continue reading

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All Ur Squidz Belonga Me

Thanks to Doug Pardee and Alan Herrell sending me links on the story of the Humboldt squids in California, and Doug especially for pointing out the US News item. I found with the latter, the segue from “terrorists attempting to … Continue reading

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Fish from Hell

Cephalopodcast has found a couple of terrific old films on the ‘fish from hell’ from the Prelinger Archives. As the Cephalopodcast mentions, it’s not the footage so much as it is the accompanying voiceover. It’s also an interesting study in … Continue reading

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Tasmanian Squid

Allan Moult sent me a link to a story in thisTasmania about a giant squid washing onshore in Tasmania. This is only the fourth that has shown up in Tasmania, so this is making the marine biologists rather happy. This … Continue reading

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Hello Octosquid Good-Bye

I couldn’t be a cephalopod fan without being excited about the discovery of the octosquid off of Hawaii. This seeming half octopus, half squid will lead to much interesting speculation. And it’s a beautiful creature, too. I could wish, though, … Continue reading

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The Living Earth

I’d like to believe in the power of the people at the Live Earth concerts today, but I can’t help thinking this concert series is more a way to promote bands or even Al Gore, than to really raise awareness … Continue reading

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The Sip Rises

The Mississippi river is expected to fall to 22 feet and then begin to rise. It floods at over 30 feet, and is expected to hit 32 feet later in the week. A few hours ago they’ve called a flood … Continue reading

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