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Song of the South, Missouri Green, and other elements of history

Timese Machine

I said, TIME, TIME mag, mag You got me on the rag, rag Take your insults about the queen And shove them up your royal Timese machine. Joan Baez may not have liked Time, but the magazine’s move to open … Continue reading

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Why We Don't Remember Pearl Harbor

In St. Louis Today, Harry Levins writes: As a general rule, newspapers stop running anniversary stories after 50 years. The thinking holds that past 50 years, few readers even remember the event, much less took part in it. Past a … Continue reading

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Here's one for the History Buffs

I find the more I study the world today, the more I like history. Here’s one that has me stumped, though. There is another famous Poe other than Edgar Allan, and his name was Aaron Poe. He was known as … Continue reading

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What a Wonderful Treat

Monthly I get a fresh batch of downloads at eMusic. I don’t have the largest plan–the most I can download is 20 at a time. Usually this is enough for an album with maybe a few experimental downloads from unfamiliar … Continue reading

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Johnson’s Shut-Ins: Then and Now

Edited, 2/18/06

On December 14th, the Taum Sauk reservoir dam failed, sending a billion gallons of water rushing down the mountain; sweeping trees and boulders in its path, and cutting through the Johnson Shut-Ins State Park. This story is based on this event, and includes observations from a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) media tour held 02/09/06. For photos– Johnson Shut-Ins: Then and Now features over several photos from Johnson Shut-Ins taken over the years, just after the flood, and on the recent tour (requires Flash). Continue reading

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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources had a media tour of Johnson Shut-Ins today, and I obtained permission to attend to take photographs. The members from DNR were wonderfully informative, courteous, and helpful. I also spent time chatting with an … Continue reading

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My Dad did not make history

My Dad served during World War II. He was in the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper, and was injured twice while on duty. Through merit and field promotions, he achieved the rank of Captain by war’s end. During the war, … Continue reading

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