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Song of the South, Missouri Green, and other elements of history

Going Forward

Sheila Lennon linked to a piece written by Anne Rice for the New York Times, Do you know what it means to lose New Orleans. She wrote: Something else was going on in New Orleans. The living was good there. … Continue reading

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I thought I would point you to several photos being uploaded to Weather Underground, here and here now associated with search and rescue in New Orleans as well as the coast of Mississippi. One of the photos shows Gulfport, or … Continue reading

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A Will and a Big Water

In 1927, the rain kept falling in the Mississippi delta. Folks would look at the sky anxiously, hoping for a break, but none came. Those who lived near the Mississippi, well they knew he was a cantankerous old bastard and … Continue reading

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Subtle Impact

Twenty years ago, most people would probably say that the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was the single-most significant event of the last century. Five years into a new century and history is already writing a different story. … Continue reading

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The 1989 Hare and Hound Race

One more post on the balloon race, and then I’ll move on. I have techie stuff I’m working on that I want to cover later in the day. The program for the race yesterday featured a story about the 1989 … Continue reading

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