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Bridge Collapse

I didn’t know a bridge had collapsed in Minneapolis until I saw this post at Elaine’s. I’ve been across this bridge a couple of times myself, and can’t figure out how a bridge like this could just collapse without any … Continue reading

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Pets and the Ethical Dilemma

I hope that Danny’s cat Sparql is found and returned to her loving family soon. I know how stressful it is when a beloved pet is missing. My own cat, Zoë, is close to 15 years old, now. Until about … Continue reading

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That’s Entertainment

The Democratic Party has now entered the entertainment business with tonight’s “You ask the questions on YouTube” being broadcast on CNN. (The Republican’s get their chance at a later date.) Jeff Jarvis, finally getting the respectful position he desperately wants … Continue reading

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The Strk Cometh

As Valleywag points out, it’s raining babies: Congratulations to Jason Kottke and Meg Hourihan on the birth of their son. Ollie Kottke. The photos of both Kottke and Meg with little Ollie are particularly nice. Congratulations to Stewart Butterfield and … Continue reading

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Small Clarification

A small clarification to the post about soliciting opportunities and jobs for women, I am currently not looking for a contract or such opportunity. I’m working on a book, and I am also taking on a small contract in July. … Continue reading

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My Kitten

This photo is just dying for a lolcats.

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Jonathon Delacour wrote a wonderful essay about walking based, in part, on earlier writings by Dave Rogers and Ethan Johnson, as well as his reading a book on Werner Herzog: Herzog on Herzog. In the post, Jonathon tells of a … Continue reading

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