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Stuff Stuff

Simon St. Laurent is participating in an experimental weblog, based on imagining how weblog entries will be for a regional weblog fifty years in the future. They’re stories of possible futures. I’ve seen weblogs based in the past, but not … Continue reading

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Seven Years Good Luck

Congratulations to two people who have made my life a richer experience: Mark Woods and Joseph Duemer, both celebrating the seventh year of their sites.

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It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

From Farrell’s to amoebas to candy giveaways, always something happening in the neighborhood. Continue reading

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Lasting Stuff

This is the slow dissolving, long lasting stuff edition: Photography is dead. From Erwins Home: The essence of film-based photography is not only the fact that the mechanism of capturing an image and fixing it in a silver halide grain … Continue reading

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Good stuff. Seth’s recent Guardian article on the YouTube/CNN debate is an excellent read. Brownie Points, I’m the girl who made your bus ride home smell of peaches. If you got closer, you’d note I also smelled of strawberries. A … Continue reading

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Net vs. Real Life

From Phil at gaping silence: Net life is a lot like real life: you meet people, you talk about things, you make friends, you fall out, you insult them in public, they refuse to speak to you, you realise you’ve … Continue reading

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Need for Mystery

Thanks to those who pointed out the Mark Morford writing, Please Never Find a Giant Squid: The human soul craves mystery. Hell yes it does [...] And what’s more, if we don’t get that nourishment, if we are somehow found … Continue reading

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