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Picture taking and the equipment we love

Time Lapse Photography

Photojojo has written a guide to time lapse photography that seems to be very comprehensive. I’ve not tried time lapse, other than perhaps a photo over a few seconds. It’s an interesting art form, and one that really does require … Continue reading

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Den of Thieves

Susan Mernit has a quote from professional photographer, Lane Hartwell, about setting her Flickr stream to private because of image theft. What spurred this on was the popular Web 2.0 Bubble video, which I also linked, and which didn’t credit … Continue reading

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Sensor Cleaning Warning on D300, Canon

I don’t have a D300 on my wishlist, as I don’t fully utilize my D200. I’m also thinking of trying Canon for my next major camera purchase. Regardless of whether you use D300 or Canon, Earthbound Light provides a warning … Continue reading

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My fall color photos for the year. From trips to the Botanical Garden and Shaw’s Nature Center.

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Little Tree

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Lessons from the Book

Lessons from the book and figures in the raw. Continue reading

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Raw Shoots

I’m looking at various RAW editors, including UFRaw and Adobe’s Camera RAW but also downloaded a copy of RawShooter 2006. The company that produced this tool, Pixmantec, is no more having been bought about by Adobe. However, the tool can … Continue reading

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