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Picture taking and the equipment we love

A bit of Color

Missouri Botanical Garden’s Botanicus Digital Library is such a treasure. Rather than just capture the words from a publication, this site is scanning in older works in their entirety — many of which have exquisite illustrations, such as the following: … Continue reading

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Creepy Digital Animation

Pink Tentacle points to the Japanese Mortion Portrait web site, featuring software that can take a digital photograph and convert it into an animated, interactive 3D representation. Among the examples linked is one of a dog, which I agree with … Continue reading

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Traced Botanical Tour

I grabbed my camera and my GPS handheld yesterday to get some test data for application development. The recorded track isn’t the best, primarily because the containing field was small, and the terrain was flat. I also realized from the … Continue reading

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Photoshop Misery

I’d like to tell Adobe that I am its biggest fan, but I think that Chuq has that distinction. He writes on the misery he’s gone through to upgrade his Photoshop, and it reflects problems I had myself last year. … Continue reading

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Image Magic

I thought I should post before my weblog rusts. We’ve entered the summer hots, where I hold up in the house behind air conditioning until September. The pictures from this post and the last were from my one and only … Continue reading

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Freeing the Photos

Two items this week related to public domain photos and applying copyright. Online Photographer writes on Getty Images claiming copyright for photos from the National Archives. Photos taken by government employees or agents of the government become property of the … Continue reading

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Digital Photography Review Bought by Amazon

I was surprised to read in Digital Photography Rreview that it had been bought by Amazon. I would assume this signals a major move by Amazon into the digital photography field, competing against that granddaddy of photography sales, B & … Continue reading

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