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Iron Clouds

It’s nice when I can recycle concepts from many years ago for new releases of technology. Take, for instance, my concept of iron clouds and the release of Google’s Knols. An iron cloud is a cloud–a resource accessible by anyone, … Continue reading

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XHTMLate your WordPress

What does it take to convert your WordPress weblog to XHTML? First, the template has to be valid XHTML. One way to check this is to make sure the page validates as XHTML, first, before actually converting the page to … Continue reading

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The Opera Suit

Fascinating story about Opera’s EU antitrust suit. We’ve been down the road about Microsoft’s bundling of IE into Windows–which I thought was ruled antitrust at one time and Microsoft was instructed to discontinue such efforts, or something fuzzy like that. … Continue reading

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I and my roommate were at the apartment complex office renewing our lease when someone mentioned to another, new, tenant that she didn’t have to go with Charter cable–AT & T’s new U-verse was now available in our neighborhood. When … Continue reading

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With Sadness

This has been a week of sad good-byes. Danny Ayers and Dan Connolly both write on an incredibly tragic event. Last weekend, while Chimezie and Roschelle Ogbuji were having a rare night out, a baseboard heater caught fire in the … Continue reading

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Nick Carr’s The Big Switch

Not long ago Nicholas Carr posted a note on his weblog: the first 150 webloggers who left a note would receive an advance copy of his new book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google. I received … Continue reading

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Picnik your Flickr

How many misspellings does it take to make a successful mashup? Elaine posted a note about Flickr adding edit capability via Picnik. I immediately tried it out, as the following screenshots demonstrate: Just as with the stand alone version of … Continue reading

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