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Writing Hacks: Desist

We don’t seem to have fun with our use of web graphics, and I include photography in this. We’re all too damn earnest. We’re passionate about everything we do, and there’s few things that will destroy fun and a sense of personal exploration more than being both earnest and passionate. I’m rather hoping my book will stand out because it is neither earnest nor passionate on the topic of web graphics. Oh my, I sound like Jeff Atwood and his don’t buy my book refrain, don’t I? Continue reading

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Hacking Computer Books

I’m in the middle of ‘proofs’ for Adding Ajax, which is never a terribly fun experience. You can only fix errors during proofs, because the layout of the book and the indexing can’t change. You don’t have time for anything … Continue reading

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Woo Hoo

The powers that be at O’Reilly have accepted my book proposal. Next comes the finalizing of the TOC to attach to the book contract and then The Start of Writing. I still don’t want to talk about the book topic–it’s … Continue reading

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Everything is Misc

I received a comp copy of David Weinberger’s new book, Everything is Miscellaneous. I’ve only glanced through it and want to withhold comment until I’ve read it completely. Just from my quick glance, the writing looks good, though David and … Continue reading

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Missouri Review on Writing on Current Events

From the weblog of the Missouri Review on why most submissions related to current events are seldom accepted by the publication. The entire post is excellent, but one point in particular stood out: Most writers can’t realize their ambitions because … Continue reading

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Losing the Local

I wrote in comments to Dan Gillmor’s post yesterday that David Lazurus sounded frustrated and perhaps even frightened, and then today I read from Tim O’Reilly that the San Francisco Chronicle is in trouble. This follows on from ValleyWag, which … Continue reading

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The Local Story

Quite an interesting give and take between Dan Gillmor and David Lazarus on newspaper survival, weblogs, and the usual. I wrote several comments in Dan’s post, most of which I won’t repeat here. One that’s incidental to the discussion between … Continue reading

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