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The. End.

I just uploaded the last chapter of Adding Ajax to my editor for him to sprinkle magic dust on it before going through production. I want to hear a, “You go, girl!” “Whoo, Hooo!”, or, “I’ll buy a dozen”, also … Continue reading

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Warm Weather Book Worm

The temperature made it over 80 degrees, 27 degress Celsius, today. That’s quite warm for the first of March. I haven’t been able to take advantage of any of the good weather because I’m feverishly trying to finish the book. … Continue reading

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With Appreciation

This week is the last week for editing on the new book, and the editors are just now finishing up. I wanted to thank the folks who gifted me with their time and effort; providing reviews, technical and other editing, … Continue reading

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Finished the Draft

I finished the book draft today. I don’t remember ever being so tired when I’ve finished a book, previously. Perhaps it’s the cumulative effects of all the words written, code samples created, proofs read, edits made, reviews read with trepidation. … Continue reading

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I Don't Write JavaScript like it's Ruby

I just uploaded the largest chapter, 9, and had hoped to get 10 loaded tonight, but my mind isn’t working well. Aha, I though, write in the weblog instead. This has been such a difficult book in more ways than … Continue reading

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Breaka de Web

I finally uploaded chapter 7 for the reviewers, and was it a difficult chapter to do. The topic has to do with breaking the web with Ajax, putting it back together again, and what are known as ‘single-page’ applications. After … Continue reading

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Half Way Home

I’m at the half way point in the book, and I am tired. It’s a tough book to write, not the least of it is there’s so much going on in the field that it becomes difficult to figure out … Continue reading

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