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Senator McCaskill supports Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007

I’m a happy camper. I just received an email from Senator McCaskill’s office that the good Senator is supporting the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007. I know my House Rep, Carnahan is on board. Now, I have to decide if … Continue reading

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Arbitration Fairness and Rape

updated See CL & P Blog for in-depth update on the hearings for arbitration fairness. Congress had another subcommittee hearing on the Arbitration Fairness Act. The Consumerist live blogged the hearing, accompanied by the expected pithy comments. Senator Brownback kept … Continue reading

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Fight is on for Fair Arbitration

The fight has started for fair arbitration. TortDeform has an extensive write-up on the second day of hearings associated with the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007. I’m familiar with all of the cases mentioned in the testimony, and they just … Continue reading

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Binding the iPhone

There’s talk of a class action lawsuit against Apple because of the iPhone. Guess what we find in the Apple/AT&T iPhone contract agreement? Continue reading

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Arbitration Facts

I can go on and on about arbitration. I’m not only passionate about this topic because I realize how important it is, I’m also interested because it really is a fascinating topic. It’s like a microcosmic view of the American government, including how our courts work, and the balance of power between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

However, I realize this is a topic that’s probably of little interest to most of you. Some of you aren’t from the US, in which case this country’s arbitration policies aren’t of interest. For the US folks, I’m not sure if you think mandatory arbitration agreements will not impact you, you’re already sold on the need to eliminate them and have contacted your congressional representatives, or because it’s not been brought up by Scoble or Arrington.

However, if the reason you’re not interested is because you don’t know much about arbitration, leave comments and I’ll do my best to answer, or perhaps address the question to people who can answer the question. Continue reading

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Binding Mandatory Arbitration: A report by Public Citizen

-updated- Can your congressional representative be bought? A report on Binding Mandatory Arbitration agreements, and a bill before congress to take back the law from the corporations. It’s an eye opening experience to see how many people have received contributions from the fat cats. Continue reading

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Back to Business

Where author details stories in progress including a follow-up on Jena 6, a press release about the Arbitration Fairness act, teases about stories on technology and photography, and where she philosophizes about the end of her tech book writing career. Continue reading

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