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This last week has been a blur–lost between falling into bed and rising a short time later, moving into writing chair and looking out the window, thinking that forestry service career would have been a better option. I’m finished with … Continue reading

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Moving On

As much as I would like to continue writing about standards and networks, ‘open’ or otherwise, out here in the weblogging wasteland (Hark! Was that a cricket I heard?) I have to return to the book writing. I debated whether … Continue reading

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Last One Leaving, Turn Out the Lights

Some discussion the last few days about how all of this has lost its appeal; there is no innovation; the party is over. About the same that was said of Seattle, once long ago, after massive layoffs at Boeing. How … Continue reading

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The Done Drawer

I’ve added a timestamp for the comment editing feature. You can now edit comments up to two hours after you make them. After the two hours, you’re frozen out from changes. John Gotze wrote an article for Denmark’s hot tech … Continue reading

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Semantic to Go

I haven’t been following the Web 2.0 Summit, but did receive an O’Reilly network email yesterday about the release today of Twine, the supposed vanguard of the ‘new’ Web 3.0. I’m assuming this means that next year’s conferences will be … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Book

Lessons from the book and figures in the raw. Continue reading

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