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A couple of people have noticed the new look for the weblog, including the stripes. They’re now mentioned in my will. After much fussing around, I took my color sampling of the photo and used it to create five stripes, … Continue reading

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Den of Thieves

Susan Mernit has a quote from professional photographer, Lane Hartwell, about setting her Flickr stream to private because of image theft. What spurred this on was the popular Web 2.0 Bubble video, which I also linked, and which didn’t credit … Continue reading

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GIMP 2.4 Released

According to O’Reilly GIMP 2.4 has been released. The new version of GIMP is a cut above previous releases and deserves a closer look. People expect it to look and act like Photoshop, and that’s a mistake, because GIMP is … Continue reading

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Virginia DeBolt posted links to several excellent how-to tutorials she wrote for eHow, including one on porting a Blogger weblog to WordPress. She also posted a rather fun graphic, made with one of the many Flickr/photo tools at Big Huge … Continue reading

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Stuff Stuff

Simon St. Laurent is participating in an experimental weblog, based on imagining how weblog entries will be for a regional weblog fifty years in the future. They’re stories of possible futures. I’ve seen weblogs based in the past, but not … Continue reading

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Notes from the Book Part Two

Wherein author picks up both stick and carrot, paying particular attention to the attached metadata: Me relate stick. Me relate carrot. Me class hitting. Stick class hit. Carrot class eat. Me relate Microsoft. Translation: I am hitting the stick with Microsoft, while eating a carrot.
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Lessons from the Book

Lessons from the book and figures in the raw. Continue reading

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