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Magical Thumbs

ImageMagick + IMagick = a whole lot of fun. Uploaded with Skitch!

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Stuff Stuff

Simon St. Laurent is participating in an experimental weblog, based on imagining how weblog entries will be for a regional weblog fifty years in the future. They’re stories of possible futures. I’ve seen weblogs based in the past, but not … Continue reading

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Writing Hacks: Desist

We don’t seem to have fun with our use of web graphics, and I include photography in this. We’re all too damn earnest. We’re passionate about everything we do, and there’s few things that will destroy fun and a sense of personal exploration more than being both earnest and passionate. I’m rather hoping my book will stand out because it is neither earnest nor passionate on the topic of web graphics. Oh my, I sound like Jeff Atwood and his don’t buy my book refrain, don’t I? Continue reading

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